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    Dogs are family, & we get that. We are professional pet sitters who make it possible for couples to include their pets in their wedding day! We take care of every last detail, so they don’t have to worry about a thing.

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    How did you start your business?

    The idea for our company came after we graduated from FSU and began our careers with Hilton Hotels. We saw a need for couples getting married that spoke to us; they wanted to include their pets in their special day but it was just too stressful. Our pets are our family and we couldn’t imagine not having them there on such a special day! Caring for animals is second nature to us, and having been pet sitting for friends and family (plus raising our own dogs) we knew this was our calling!

    What services do you offer?

    We make it possible for couples to include their pet(s) in their wedding day. We take care of everything involved, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. We provide constant love & care for your pet on your wedding day, round trip transportation to and from the venue, wedding day attire for your pet, helping them pose for photos, & coordination leading up to the wedding to make sure everything runs seamlessly!

    We also offer GoPro Video services where we will actually take footage of your wedding day from your pet’s perspective! We know that every wedding & the needs of every couple and their pet are completely unique, which is why we customize each package to make sure that everyone, especially your pet, is completely comfortable. We also offer photoshoot services, where we will come along to help include your pet in your engagement shoot! & If you need any additional pet sitting the night or weekend of the wedding, we also have several in-home or in-hotel pet sitting options.

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    What advice would you give couples with incorporating their pet into their wedding?

    Including your pet in your wedding is always a great idea, but you have to make sure you’re really thinking through all of the logistics. Most importantly, you want to hire a professional – or at least someone who is there specifically to care for your pet. Typically, everyone you trust with your pet is a part of your wedding day, and you, of course, want them to be totally present on your special day!

    Knowing you have someone there solely to care for your pet, will give you the peace of mind to include them in your day stress-free. It’s so important to know they’re completely taken care of, their needs are being met & they’re having a great time so you can enjoy your day!

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