• Your dog should never be left out of your wedding day! As a professional Wedding Day Pet Care company we ensure that your four legged friends have the best day ever!

    How did you start your business?

    We started Furry Ventures Pet Care after my husband and I got married and saw the lack of help with including our dogs in our wedding. Our three dogs are my life and I, of course, wanted them to be a part of our wedding but didn’t want to put the responsibility on our friends or family. We wanted them to enjoy our day with us instead of worrying about our dogs. So, a few months after I quit my job and started helping other couples’ dreams come true with including their dogs in their weddings.

    What services do you offer?

    Furry Ventures Pet Care is a Wedding Day Pet Care company, so we help couples who want to include their dogs in their wedding but just don’t know how. We handle everything pet related, from providing you with a licensed dog handler, round trip pet transportation, and coordinating with all your vendors before and during the wedding. We also assist with the ceremony and pictures, making sure your pup is looking at the camera. We provide black leashes, collars, or harnesses for wedding day use, and of course- all day love and care. We take them on a “Furry Venture” while we wait for their time to shine in front of the camera. Our number one goal is to make sure your dog is safe and is having the best day ever! We make sure its a stress-free experience for you

    Not only do we help couples include their dogs in their wedding, but we also help include them in their engagement pictures!

    The most popular service we offer is our Furry Ventures Wedding video. We create a fun and unique video that captures your wedding day through the eyes of your dog! No two dogs are alike, so neither are our videos. We use high quality cameras allowing us to film every intimate and candid moment you have with your dog(s) before and during your wedding. Not only will we make sure to capture your dog(s) walking down the aisle, we will also stop by before the ceremony to see both you and your fiancé while you finish getting ready. Seeing your fur baby before your ceremony and getting a few kisses can help calm all your nerves.

    Do you travel?

    Yes! We’ve done weddings in Colorado, New York, and Georgia. We are always up for an adventure with a new furry friend!

    What advice would you give couples with incorporating their pet into their wedding?

    Hire us! Haha but really, hire professionals. You have enough going on the day of your wedding, so the last thing you want to do is worry about is who is taking care of your dog. Let your family and friends enjoy your day with you. Having a Wedding Day Pet Care company, like Furry Ventures Pet Care, will ensure your dog is safe and off having the best day before it’s their time to shine!

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