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    Jazz It Up Artistry is a luxury hair and makeup design team. Specializing in all skin tones and hair types, we have YOU covered! We have long standing vendor relationship with most central Florida wedding vendors and are licensed and insured.

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    What inspired you to be a hair and makeup artist?

    I am a third-generation hairstylist and makeup artist. I grew up around the beauty of the industry. I am a girly girl at heart and love getting to make a woman feel their very best!

    How long have you been doing hair and makeup?

    I have been licensed for 10 years but have always done for friends way before then.

    Do you have any tips for brides on preparing their hair and skin for their wedding day?

    Get your hair colored no later than two weeks before the wedding, this leaves room for error. Months before the wedding do a specified treatment to the hair once a month, your salon stylist should customize this for you based on your hair, helps the hair to be in tip top shape for any style.

    Skin: Water Water Water, hydration is key to glowy supple skin. Get a facial 2-4 weeks out from the wedding, this leaves room for normal breakouts to happen and heal before the wedding.

    Which products do you use?

    Main product for foundation is Gerda Spilmann Bio Fond, foundation of Hollywood literally. Mix of Laura mercier, tarte, benefit, Mac

    Do you travel?

    We are willing to travel anywhere we are requested.

    What packages do you offer?

    We off tiered group pricing, the more people you have the lower the price, we also off a VIP Package for the bride, where we stay for touch-ups and hairstyle or makeup changes

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