• At Serendipity Dance Studio, our main focus is YOU. We strive to understand your goals, and to provide you with a means of accomplishing your goals. Students will never feel they have “two left feet”. You can feel at ease and have fun on the dance floor.

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    What services do you offer engaged couples?

    We offer 5 and 10 lesson packages for engaged couples. The lesson package depends mostly on the dance experience of the couple and the complexity of the dance. We can always put together custom packages for those wanting to add additional classes. Each lesson is one hour long and the first lesson is always completely free. We like to get a good sense of who you are and your experience level as well as let the couple get to know how we work as a dance studio.

    Do couples need to be experienced dancers to work with you?

    Couples do not need to be experienced at all. We teach every age and experience level.

    What do you love about working with couples?

    What we love about working with couples is seeing the amount of hard work they put in as a couple and seeing that all pay off in the end as they learn a whole dance for their wedding. It’s incredible watching a couple grow and work together (and it is work!). We also love seeing photos and videos of the first dance!

    What advice would you give to couples when it comes to their first dance?

    Choose a first dance song that represents you as a couple and come with at least 2 song options, if possible. If you aren’t sure, we have a wonderful team of people who can help come up with a song that fits the couple and one that’s not overused and that the couple won’t get sick of. Keep in mind some song choices may be better for beginner dancers than others.

    Also: Practice! Record yourselves and watch the video. Try to come in at least once a week for lessons so it stays fresh in your head.

    Lastly, give yourselves at least 2-3 months before your big day to learn your wedding dance.

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