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    Sophia’s Art Photo brides and grooms love photography and understand the power of capturing the biggest day of their lives for the future generations. As a married photography duo, Nick and Marjorie will make sure to capture those moments that are not going to be repeated and will represent the first chapter in the lives of this new family. The unobtrusive approach of Sophia’s Art Photo duo will help to capture those beautiful moments of your day, even if you don’t know a photo is being taken. It is very possible that if you select Sophia’s Art Photo as your wedding photographers, Marjorie will do a happy dance of excitement, they will both cry at some point during your wedding (usually the vows exchange or the daughter/ father dance) and that they will dance at some point during your reception while taking some photos of you having fun!

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    What inspired you to get into photography?

    I’ve been thinking about this question a lot… and I truly can’t remember when I was NOT interested in photography and I can’t remember! I guess I have been always interested in this form of art. The obsession came clearer as I was attending college for TV and radio and I found myself countless hours in the darkroom waiting for the next photo to be revealed in front of my eyes. It was amazing!

    One of the reasons that I decided to do it professionally was to create unique memories for families to be treasured forever. The wedding day goes by so incredibly fast! After all the planning months and details put together, the couples feel like the day has gone in just seconds. I feel that is fascinating, as well as a huge privilege, to present them thru the photos, what happened that day. Who was where, who cried, how did the details looked, and of course, how incredibly happy they looked that day. It is just such a huge honor!

    What do love most about working with couples?

    Nick and I love to capture the beginning of a family, so much happens on a wedding day! Two families come together to celebrate and to be one after that day. The bride and groom go thru so many emotions that day and we are there to capture them! As a married photography duo who are deeply in love with each other is it a tremendous honor to be present, to capture, and to preserve the love between a bride and groom be sealed forever.

    What would you say your style is?

    One of the interesting things that I found about photography is that is not still, even if the medium is a still shot. During a wedding day, we capture from ‘commercial’ photography during the details shots, to photojournalistic during the ceremony, to editorial during the bride and groom spotlight to event photography during the reception. Even that we shoot what we see during many of the parts of the wedding day, we do give directions to the couple when they are having their photos taken after the ceremony so they can have the best photos as possible.

    Our goal is to be unobtrusive at the same time we capture the moments that unfold before us.

    What types of packages do you offer?

    At Sophia’s Art Photography, we offer collections that suit many budgets. All of them include a custom design Italian wedding album. From there, the couple can choose to add any wall art, prints or parent books they desire.

    From the collections we offer, I do have two favorites. One is an engagement session experience and the other is the full day wedding coverage.

    I love the Tuscany Engagement Experience because it includes professional hair and makeup. What bride doesn’t want to look flawless for her engagement shoot!? So it is usually a pampering afternoon. We always recommend to the couple to make a reservation for dinner after the shoot 😉

    My favorite collection for the wedding day is the one that includes the full day coverage -from getting ready to cut the cake. It is the most comprehensive collection and because we do not work by hours, but by the events happening during the day, is the one that gets you most coverage of your day.

    How far do you travel?

    We serve mainly Central Florida, but would be happy to travel farther!

    What wedding planning advice would you give couples?

    Enjoy the planning process! Make sure to make a budget and then prioritize your preferences for services. If the most important thing for you is the venue, make sure to research when their calendar opens for your wedding and book them first…everything else falls after the venue is booked. Also, book your vendors in the order of the services that are most important for you. That will assure you to allocate the budget for them and to book your top choices.

    When selecting a photographer, is important to know that choosing a photographer is an emotional decision for the bride and groom that starts at the photographers’ website and gets confirmed at the consultation session. Besides the planner, the photographer is the only other vendor that will spend most of the time with them, even after their wedding day as they go thru the photos and decide on the last details for their album, so they have to feel comfortable and listened to by their Orlando wedding photographer.

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