Doctor Who Wedding

When Mary and Wayne started planning their Doctor Who themed wedding, they took a less is more approach and aimed to make their wedding day as simple as possible while still adding in their own unique touches. Their ceremony was held at Mead Gardens and their reception at East End Market. Both venues are unique yet simple, making them the perfect choice for Mary and Wayne.

Doctor Who of course played a big part in this wedding, which is very fitting since it is what brought them together in the first place! They chose a blue and silver color scheme in honor of their show, and their cake made by Jillycakes happens to be a fellow Doctor Who fan. She was given free reign over the cake design. The couple finished off the cake by adding a cake topper and cupcake tier decorations of Doctor Who Pop Funko figurines. They opted for a small cake for cutting and then an assortment of cupcakes for their guests.

Mary and Wayne agree with everyone who tells you that the day flies by so fast and to take as many pictures as possible! One of Mary’s most memorable moments was shoveling Panera Mac and Cheese in her mouth while getting makeup done to avoid being hangry! Wayne’s fondest memory was watching his bride come down the aisle, and he says, made everything worth it!

From Bride, Mary:

How did you meet and how did he propose?

We met online. I had “doctor who” fan in my profile and it snagged his attention.

We were doing a group cruise. Because of the big turn out (25-ish people), Wayne decided it would be a wonderful time to propose. It was actually a mostly private moment funny enough. We left the bar that our friends were in and found the upmost cruise deck to “get some air”.

It was around 11 pm at night. Wayne and I have this thing about 11:11 “make a wish” kiss, morning or night. So we were out on this deck looking at the night stars. He says “hey. It’ll 11:11!”,so I went in for the usual kiss. Instead of the kiss, he went down on his knee for a simple “will you marry me?!”. My best friend, one of his friends, and his sister were hiding for private pics. We then returned to the bar where all our friends immediately applauded and I figured out everyone was in on it!

From Bride, Mary:

Do you have any advice for couples planning their weddings now? 

Don’t stress! Also, don’t feel guilty if you do get stressed! Try to get a timeline from the venue/planner when they expect stuff from you (guest list/table chart/decorations/etc). Seriously do an engagement/test shoot with your photographer. You need to get comfortable with them because it’ll make all your photo sessions during the day go by so much faster!


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