Elegant Emerald and Gold Wedding at Paradise Cove

Zainab and Jose’s Indo-American wedding showcased the joining of two cultures and two families alike. Both bride and groom are first-generation Americans but want to highlight the best of their parents’ homeland traditions. Jose’s family are from the Dominican Republic and Zainab’s from parts of India, Pakistan and Puerto Rico.

The couple wanted to take a standard American wedding and add pockets of Indian-flare to make the day unique and memorable. Specifically in regards to the fashion of the bride and her bridesmaids. Traditionally, an Indian bride wears a red-colored Lengha— which is a 3 piece gown consisting of a floor length skirt, blouse, and veil. Zainab chose to wear an ivory and gold embellished Lengha to mimic that of a traditional American white wedding dress. The bridesmaids also wore a traditional Indian Salwar Kameez (pants, tunic, and scarf) that was in a beautiful “winter-y” emerald green to match the groomsmen’s ties.

The colors of Zainab’s Lengha posed as the inspiration for the wedding’s overall color scheme of ivory and gold with a hint of emerald green. The ivory was carried all throughout the wedding decor; some of the few key pieces included the reception drapery and floral centerpieces of white hydrangeas and roses. Gold embellishments were also featured throughout the wedding, from the wedding invitations sent months prior to the gold foil on the beautiful but delicious wedding cake.

gold toned bridal accessories on white lace wedding invitation
bride getting makeup done for wedding
bride and bridesmaids on beach at Paradise Cove

How they met, from the bride:

Our story began on August 5, 2017, on a typical rainy Orlando afternoon. I was already inside the restaurant where we were supposed to meet, anxiously awaiting the person I matched with on Bumble. Yes, we met ONLINE! Jose walked through the door shaking off his umbrella and I almost didn’t recognize him, I was searching for the guy I knew in the photographs only to realize that he was way more handsome than I expected. Jose smiled as I waved him over, we greeted each other with a hug and sat down in the crowded restaurant foyer waiting for our table to be called.

There were so many coincidences we discovered in that initial conversation; like the fact that we went to the same high school, were part of the same academic program, and only a grade apart. We really connected on the fact that we both wanted similar things out of life and a partner. There were obvious differences yes, he was a “people” person while I am as introverted as they come, but I fully believe that is why we work so well. He is the Ying to my Yang; the peanut butter to my jelly; the milk to my cookies. All in all, I guess you could say we had a good first date being that it lasted 5 whole hours! The rest was history after that.

bride looking over shoulder smiling on deck at Paradise Cove
groom in black tux smiling while looking out of window
groom with groomsmen on beach a Paradise Cove

The Proposal Story, from the Groom:

I knew I wanted to marry Zainab within the first year of our relationship as she is a compassionate, empathetic, beautiful, and a loyal partner to me. We had talked many times about our future together and I knew we were on the same page when it came to what we wanted in life. I had insinuated maybe proposing in Spring 2019 but looking ahead, I realized there was no reason to delay our marriage needlessly and decided to propose December 2018 as a surprise.

Zainab had told me that she’d like her sisters and parents to be present when I proposed so I came up with a plan that I coordinated with a lot of help from her two great friends, Ashley and Hema. The weeks leading up to the actual proposal, I coordinated with her parents, my parents, and some of our closest friends to setup the proposal at Disney Springs and everyone was able to surprise her by coming out of nearby hiding spots as I did it. The proposal went better than I could’ve hoped for, except for the fact that I held the ring box upside down and didn’t actually ask “Will you marry me?” until after Zainab stopped crying (happy tears, she says). Needless to say, she did in fact say “yes”!

Bride and groom walking down aisle after outdoor ceremony
outdoor wedding pavilion at Paradise Cove with tall white floral centerpieces
gold laser cut table numbers on guest tables for wedding

From the Couple:

What advice would you give other couples going through the wedding planning process?

Be as organized as you possibly can. We swore by spreadsheets, we had a spreadsheet for everything– budget, guest list, and family/vendor responsibilities. Also, don’t be afraid to start as early as possible you’d be surprised how quickly the date approaches.

What advice would you give couples about married life?

Communication is key. This is your spouse, don’t be afraid to share anything on your mind; the good, the bad, and the ugly. It’s important not to shut out your partner, they should be your strength and calming during rough times. Also, being able to communicate how much your wife or husband means to you is where your marriage goes from good to great.

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Participating Vendors:
Venue: Paradise Cove
Photography: Sydney Morman Photography
Videography: Val Cinema
DJ: White Rose Entertainment
Caterer: Cocktails Catering
Hair & Make-Up: Corinne Smith Beauty
Cake: 4Rivers