Elegant Sage and White Wedding

Jessica and Levi met in high school and began dating the summer after their graduation. After growing together as a couple, it was time for Levi to pop the question and… the WORST happened. As he was practicing his Lake Eustis proposal with his best man and Jessica’s sister, he accidentally dropped the ring into the lake! After a few moments of panic, they took to Google to find professional help. Levi was able to hire a service to search for the ring, and it was successfully salvaged. Fortunately, the actual proposal was much smoother, and of course, Jessica said yes!

Venue 1902’s past life as a schoolhouse gives it a unique atmosphere – there’s even an old school bell at the top! Inside the brick walls, Jessica and Levi got ready for their special day. Jessica gifted Levi an extremely thoughtful wedding day gift – a record player along with a special record she’d made herself. The record had their first dance song on one side, and Jessica speaking about her vows on the other. Levi loved it! Finally, it was time for I do’s, and Jessica strolled down the brick walkway to Levi waiting at the altar. They shared their first kiss as husband and wife and snapped some photos during golden hour.

When they met, Jessica and Levi bonded over their mutual love of Relient K. They wanted their first dance to be to “You’ll Always Be My Best Friend,” but since it wasn’t great for a slow dance, they asked a friend to record a cover for them. You can hear it here. Jessica said, It turned out so beautiful, it brought tears to my eyes when I heard it for the first time!” After a night of celebration, Jessica and Levi rode off in style as husband and wife. See a few moments from their big day below!

From Bride, Jessica:

What was your favorite part of the wedding?

The best part our wedding was our first look. I know it’s not traditional, but I’m glad we decided to do it. The morning had been stressful, with so many people flying around and things to do. I was so thankful when it was finally time to see him! The rest of the day was perfect after that.

From Bride, Jessica:

What advice would you give other couples about the wedding planning process?

To other couples in the wedding planning process, breathe. I know it’s so stressful and the checklist seems to only grow, but enjoy this time. Think about what you want the day to look like and try to make thoughtful decisions to lead to that picture. Instead of letting everyone else opinions take hold (and trust me, they’ll try), think about who you and your significant other are and what truly matters to the two of you on your wedding day.

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Venue 1902 at Preservation Hall/Jennifer Stelly Photography/Something New Bridal Boutique/Legendary Films by Damir/Oviedo Florist/4Rivers Smokehouse/DJ Basco Entertainment