Beautiful Vintage Florida Wedding at The Acre Orlando

Many important moments in Alex and Ivy's relationship took place in Florida. They moved in to their first place together, got engaged, and spent the bulk of their relationship all in the Sunshine State. Because of that, they wanted to reflect their love of Florida in their wedding decor! Tropical florals and palm leaves made up the bridal bouquet, and oranges could be found on the place cards and the cake.

Before walking down the aisle, Ivy took selfies and shared silly moments (involving giant lobster claws!) with a few of her favorite ladies. Her fitted gown was covered in a unique lace pattern that looked beautiful on her! She and Alex married under a macrame archway and spent a few extra minutes taking photos in Ivy's special denim jacket. After a fun reception surrounded by all their loved ones, the new Mr. and Mrs. were sent off with a sparkler exit. Read more about their story below!

How did you meet? How did he propose?

Alex and I lived in the same co-ed dorm freshman year, and we even had the same major. We took some of the same classes, and passed by each other on the street, however, we never spoke to each other. At the end of senior year, I needed some help and advice on a paper and I happened to be friends with Alex on Facebook, so, I decided to reach out. Long story short, Alex was the funniest and most intelligent (oh and most handsome) guy, and when we started hanging out, he told me that even though school was ending he wanted to see our relationship through. 

Alex continues to surprise me and is one of the most selfless people that I know-- so selfless in fact, that he proposed to me on HIS birthday!

From Bride, Ivy:

Is there anything that you wish you would have done differently or had that you didn't for your wedding?

I wish that I didn't stress so much! We were placed in the very caring and capable hands of our vendor's and family members-- everyone took care of us and did an amazing job. 

What advice would you give other couples about the wedding planning process?

Communicate and lean on each other! This is supposed to be fun!

Is there any advice that you would give engaged couples about married life? 

Yes, always tell your partner what you need and how much you appreciate them. Try to say at least two compliments to your spouse daily!