Resources for Having Your Wedding During Coronavirus

You’ve spent months, maybe a year or two, planning every detail of your wedding. Then, something you wouldn’t have thought to prepare for comes along an unprecedented global pandemic. Now, you are faced with adjusting your wedding plans to work with the current climate. We know that this situation has caused added stress.

Our goal at Orange Blossom Bride has always been to make wedding planning less stressful and more fun. Educating engaged couples on the wedding planning process is how we do this! In an effort to take corona lemons and make lemonade, here are some resources for having your wedding during the coronavirus!

Options for Having a Wedding During Coronavirus

Couples are still wanting to celebrate their love but are getting a little creative on how to do so safely.

How to Postpone Your Wedding

If you have made the hard decision to postpone your wedding, here is the process on how to do so.

Real Couples

See how other engaged couples planning their wedding during coronavirus are dealing with the situation.