5 Gift Ideas to Give Your Dad on Your Wedding Day

Most of us can agree that coming up with wedding gift ideas for the dads in our lives is not always the easiest task. Often times couples struggle with ideas on how to choose a gift that their father will like, use, and that really says “Thank You” for all that he has done. In honor of Father’s Day, we have 5 wedding gift ideas that your father is sure to love! 

When it comes to personalized items, try to make it…well, personal! If your dad loves a cold beer on the weekends then a personalized mug might be the way to go. If he spends his evenings working in his shed then perhaps a personalized hammer is the perfect gift idea! Just about anything can be personalized so think of a few of your father’s interests and hit up Etsy!  

Personalized Items


There are personalized items, and then there are PERSONALIZED items. Their Touch on Etsy makes cufflinks and tie tacks use your ACTUAL fingerprint or handwriting to create completely unique pieces for your father. This makes for an amazing gift and an even better keepsake item! Bonus: She makes beautiful bouquet charms as well, and can even use pet prints to make charms! 

Golf Clubs

Golf Clubs: Treat your dad with an unexpected gift: A new set of golf clubs! If your dad is a golf enthusiast this is a great way to say Thank You! Add a little bonus gift in there and send your parents to PGA National. It’s only 2 hours from Orlando and a great place for your dad to enjoy a round of golf while mom relaxes at the spa! 

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Man Crates 

Take your gift-giving to the next level with mancrates.com. With a mission to provide gifts that guys actually want, Man Crates provides a variety of options for whatever your dad’s interest. From a Whiskey Appreciation Crate to a Hot Sauce Making Kit, there is something for every man!

Side note: They also make great groomsmen gifts!

Tech Gifts

Tech gifts always make for good gifts! Keep your dad connected with these portable phone chargers and docking stations. Our favorite: The keychain phone charger.

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