classic wedding updo

Bridal Updo Hairstyles

When it comes to wedding day hairstyles, brides have plenty of options to choose from. The first thing brides to be often consider is if they want their wedding look to include their hair down, half up and half down, or if they would like a bridal updo.

One thing to consider when choosing your wedding day hairstyle is your wedding dress style. If a dress has a high neck or or you are in love with the lace details on the back of the your wedding gown, an updo may be the best choice.

Bridal Updo Hairstyles are very versatile when it comes to the style of your wedding. You can add fun braids loads of curls, or you can keep it straight and classic for a more formal style. A wedding updo can be tailored to fit anything from a retro, vintage style wedding to a modern wedding.

Below you will find bridal updo hairstyle ideas. The pictures are shown without a wedding veil so you can see the full hairstyle. You can decide to wear a veil with your updo hairstyle, or you can choose to use a wedding hairclip or fresh flowers, as shown in some of the pictures below!

Photo: Bumby Photography
Back of bride's updo hairstyle
Hair: Amy Seymour Keuten | Photo:  Dante + Angie Photography