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We know that you are on the go and can’t stop your life just to plan your wedding. However, you still need wedding planning advice and tips to help you create a beautiful wedding celebration. Each week Amanda, the co-owner and editor of Orange Blossom Bride, and the area’s best wedding pros will share great advice and tips on our wedding planning podcast to make planning your Central Florida wedding less stressful and more fun!

Season 2:

Flowers enhance any event, especially weddings. Since this is most likely the first time that you are purchasing a large number of flowers, you may have a little bit of a sticker shock. In this episode, we are talking with Andie Muller of Events by The Flower Studio about how you can get beautiful wedding flowers that are within your budget.

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In this impromptu episode, we are talking about how to reschedule your wedding due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. This episode will help you to navigate through if you have been put in this unfortunate situation. Big thank you to Jenn Warrington of Party Shots Orlando for speaking with us and to Andie Muller of Events by The Flower Studio for helping to provide great talking points for this episode.

You’ve planned for everything but the unexpected, so what to do when the unthinkable happens and your venue or vendor goes out of business. In this episode, we are talking with Jenn Warrington of Party Shots Orlando on protecting your wedding day.

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Booking your wedding venue will most likely be the first thing you do in planning your wedding. Here are some questions that you need to ask each venue you visit before you book. 

You may not be able to physically include all those that you love in your Orlando wedding planning process but you can certainly include them virtually! Having a wedding website gives you the chance to have a little piece of the internet devoted to your wedding that you can share with your guests throughout the process. Keeping them in the loop is now easier than ever but there are definitely certain things that you want to include on your wedding website.

Today, everyone has a camera in their pocket, always ready to capture every moment. What could be a more special moment then when you say “I Do”? However, more and more couples are asking their guests to put their phones and cameras away to enjoy the moment.

In this episode, we are talking with Rudy of Rudy and Marta Photography about what an unplugged ceremony is and if you should consider one. 

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