Sweet Engagement Session - Kristin and Monique

From SO Photography: It was hard not to fall in love with these ladies immediately upon meeting them - they sat across from me, arms draped around each other, totally in love and excited to get married. Kristin is actually in the Army Reserve and just days after our session in Lake Ivanhoe, she was helping ensure the safety and emergency services for Central Florida. It only natural that she dress in uniform during their session, saluting her own freedom to marry the woman of her dreams.

couple holding dog for sweet engagement session
couple with matching dates tattooed on their arm
woman twirl in burgundy dress holding partner's hand
woman wearing an Orlando Strong necklace
woman kissing fiance on the cheek
women kissing holding dog for engagement session
woman in military uniform holding fiance
woman leaning on wall looking at fiance
women standing in front of brick wall for engagement session